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Searching for the right places to stay at affordable rates is always time-consuming. That’s why I listed here my recommendations for the most amazing accommodations in Sri Lanka. 

From luxury boutique hotels in Udawalawe National Park to budget-friendly guesthouses with stunning views in Ella. Sri Lanka has something for everyone.

My favorite places to stay in Sri Lanka were the Rice Rice Villas in Yala and Ceylon Sliders in Weligama.

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The best hotels in Sri Lanka

Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka

Stay in one of the most luxury hotels in Sri Lanka to make your holiday more unique or magical. Think about Glamping in Udawalawe National Park, sleeping between the ricefields in Yala, or staying in a luxury ecolodge at the beach.

There are endless options if you are looking for luxury hotels in Sri Lanka and below I listed some of my recommendations.

The best hotels in Hikkaduwa

Located about a hundred kilometers south of Colombo, Hikkaduwa is one of the most famous beach destinations in Sri Lanka. It has a nice surf vibe, and a beautiful reef, and you can spot huge sea turtles just straight at the beach.

Along the wide beach, there are many hotels and plenty of restaurants and at night it’s nice to stroll around several souvenir shops. A lovely coastal town worth visiting for 2 or 3 nights.

The best hotels in Galle

Galle is such a beautiful place you need to see. In Galle fort, which is the old part of the town, you’ll have cute little streets, beautiful art galleries, a lot of souvenir shops, and lovely restaurants.

It feels like some magical colonial European city where you’ll love to stroll around every afternoon and night. In my opinion, the perfect place to start your trip through Sri Lanka.

The best hotels in Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a cute little town with many great restaurants and bars next to the beach. It has some of the most incredible beaches in Sri Lanka to watch the sunset or just hang out,.

Wijaya Beach and Dalawella Beach are my favorite beaches and also the place where you can do the famous swing on the beach. It’s a popular spot among backpackers for its relaxed vibe and the many local restaurants. 

However, if you like to surf, I recommend staying at Weligama or Mirissa

The best hotels in Weligama

Another awesome place and one of my favorite beaches in Sri Lanka is definitely Weligama. It is the best spot for beginner and advanced surfers with many plant-based restaurants.

For those who are looking to relax, many hostels and hotels in Weligama offer daily Yoga classes for a small price.

The best hotels in Mirissa

Mirissa is without a doubt one of the best destinations along the beaches of Sri Lanka and with a reason! You can join some surf lessons, visit secret beach, make some amazing photos on Palm Tree Hill and watch a stunning sunset on the beach.

I listed some of of my favorite and the best hotels in Mirirssa below and I recommend to stay at least 3 nights here as there is so many to do.

The best hotels in Tangalle

Tangalle is a quiet town along the South Coast of Sri Lanka. It’s also one of the furthest beach spots before the National Park takes over. The sea is rough and the waves are gigantic but the water is crystal clear. 

Very close to Tangalle you’ll find Rekawa Beach, where I stayed. Rekawa Beach is famous for sea turtle nesting. Every night you can witness the giant sea turtles nesting and laying their eggs on the beach. Unforgettable experience!

The best hotels in Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe is one of the most popular national parks in Sri Lanka as it has a huge population of elephants, so the chance to spot some herds of elephants is very high.

I recommend staying close to the entrance of the National Park and booking a driver/jeep through your accommodation or in advance as it is not possible to visit the park by yourself.

Kottawata Villages offers great half-day morning safaris for reasonable prices if you stay with them.

The best hotels in Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the most popular and famous national park in Sri Lanka as it has the highest population of leopards and the chance to spot one of them is pretty good. I was lucky to spot 2 leopards during my safari in Yala, however, I was too slow to snap a good picture of them.

In the park, you’ll also see many birds, crocodiles, elephants, and much more wildlife. The landscapes are also very beautiful and in overall this is my favorite park in Sri Lanka.

During my visit to Yala, I stayed at the Rice Rice Villas which was an amazing place!

The best hotels in Ella

Ella is known for its lush green hills and stunning tea plantations with 360 degrees of epic landscapes. It is a cozy, small town with a laidback vibe but it can get busy during peak season.

The highlights are Adams Peak, the tea plantations, and Nine Arches Bridge so a hotel in Ella that is located close to these places will make your stay much easier. Although some accommodations are a bit out of town, they offer stunning views over the hills of Ella.

The best hotels in Kandy

Kandy is the next biggest city in Sri Lanka, after the capital Colombo.  This cultural capital is famous for the Temple of Sacred Tooth which is one of the most important Buddhist relics in all of Sri Lanka.

Stopping in Kandy for a night is a great idea when you’re heading afterward to Sigiriya. The journey is otherwise way too long.

The best hotels in Sigiriya

Sigiriya, or the Lion Rock, is an ancient rock fortress in central Sri Lanka located near the town of Dambulla. It’s a gigantic rock, 200 meters high and located in the middle of the jungle. From Sigiriya, you can go on an afternoon safari to MinneriyaNational Park.

This is a beautiful park with huge boulders and is famous for its large groups of elephants. The town itself is quiet and small. Most people stop here for a quick lunch after climbing up the two rocks, Lion Rock and Pidurangala Rock.

Sri Lanka has many amazing places to stay and probably I forgot a few in this article. However, I will update this article every time I stay in some amazing hotels in Sri Lanka, so keep an eye on it and subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.

Do you recommend any places to stay in Sri Lanka, or did you stay at a place I recommended, feel free to share it with me in the comments?

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30 best hotels to stay in Sri Lanka
30 best hotels to stay in Sri Lanka

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