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With an endless list of hotels in Japan at every price range, choosing where to stay in Japan can be overwhelming and time-consuming… That’s why I listed down all the places that I personally recommend.

They are all trendy, have a good location, excellent ratings, and a cozy atmosphere.  And the best part: all at an affordable price.

21 Best hotels in Japan - Shibuya Crossing - Tokyo Japan

Best Hotels in Japan

Best accommodations in Tokyo

Known as the largest city in the world it can be very difficult to find the best places to stay in Tokyo. With many options that suit every budget in many different neighborhoods, it can be overwhelming to start searching for where to stay in Tokyo.

Shinjuku, Ueno, Roppongi and Asakusa are in my opinion great areas to stay in as it is easy to get to the main highlights with public transport. When you visit Tokyo for the first time, I would recommend staying between 4 to 7 days as there is so much to explore in this awesome city!

To help you out and make it easier to plan your itinerary for Japan, I listed here 3 great options to stay in Tokyo.

Best accommodations in Fujikawaguchiko

One of my all-time favorite places is definitely Fujikawaguchiko or just “Kawaguchiko”. This small and cozy village is located next to Lake Kawaguchiko and it has spectacular views of Mount Fuji from every angle.

The choices for accommodation in Kawaguchiko are limited, so it is recommended to book in advance, especially during the cherry blossom season or Autumn. I stayed in Kagelow Mt Fuji Hostel for a few nights and the location was perfect, the hostel had a nice vibe and the rooms were very clean.

The Hostel provides also has bikes that you can rent to explore the town and surrounding area.

Best hotels in Takayama

This charming village is located near the Japanese Alps and it’s full of houses in a Japanese style, incredible temples & shrines, and a local market.

The village is the perfect place for those who like to do some outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or exploring the UNESCO-heritage site of Shirakawa-Go.

To explore most of the highlights of this peaceful town, I recommend staying 2 nights in one of my favorite places in Takayama as they are located close to the center.

Where to stay in Kyoto

A city that will leave a mark is Kyoto as there is just so much to discover in the cultural and historical heart of the country. The city has a dozen of historical castles, many temples and shrines, and seventeen places that are recognized by UNESCO as Heritage Sites.

When I planned my itinerary for Japan, I scheduled 5 days to explore the city but I could spend easily a few more days without getting bored.

Just like in Tokyo, there are way too many options to choose from on where to stay in Kyoto, so here are 3 places I highly recommend staying.

Best hotels in Nara

Nara is famous for the hundreds of free-roaming deer in the parks and around the peaceful town. From Kyoto or Osaka, you can take a train to Nara and visit it as a day trip, however, I choose to stay in Nara for one night.

The popular Higashimuki Shopping Street has many restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can find great food if you stay here for the night. Nara Guesthouse Kamunabi and Miroku are awesome places to stay in Nara for a more Japanese experience,

Best hotels in Osaka

The food capital of Japan and the city that every foodie in the world needs to visit is Osaka. With a delicious food scene, countless shopping streets, small alleys to wander around, and many temples & shrines to visit, there is a lot to discover in Osaka.

As you will need a few days to see the most highlights in the city (I would recommend at least 3 days) and as there are too many options on where to stay in Osaka, I listed here a few great accommodations with a good location and an excellent rating.

Best hotels in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is one of the most well-known cities in the country due to its sad history. During World War II in 1945, it was targeted with the first atomic bomb and more than 200.000 people were killed. However, these days the city is completely rebuilt and there is no harmful radiation anymore.

Visit the city for a few days and discover the city to learn more about what exactly happened and the history of Hiroshima. The accommodations below are close to Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome.

There are many options on where to stay in Japan and I hope this article will help you to find some beautiful places for your trip.

Did you book accommodation, do you have a recommendation or do you need some help? Let me know in the comments.

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