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In this article, I share some of the best things to do in Perth as it is the state capital city of Western Australia and it is famous worldwide as a tourist destination due to its pristine beaches and beautiful natural landscapes.

The city has a laidback vibe, offering shopping, bars, restaurants, and great outdoor activities such as surfing, cycling, or fishing. Perth is also home to some of Australia’s top universities, colleges, and schools.

If you’re looking for a city with the perfect mix of laid-back lifestyle and vibrant nightlife, look no further than Perth. The city has so much to offer and even after spending almost 3 months in the city, there are still more places to discover.

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How To Get To Perth

There are various ways to get to Perth depending on where you come from. The most obvious way for international travelers is to get to Perth by flight and rent a car or get public transport to the city.

For domestic travelers, it is quite easy if you travel by car or bus as Perth is located on Highway N1, which is basically the Highway that goes around Australia. Another option is to buy a domestic flight to Perth from other major cities in Australia.

There is even a free Fremantle City Loop Bus that runs daily in Perth CBD and Fremantle

However, the best way to see everything that Perth offers is by hiring a car as passengers will be able to travel at their own time and pace.

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Best Time To Visit Perth

Perth hosts many events throughout the year, which makes it perfect for tourists to visit all year round. Various festivals include international film festivals, outdoor concerts, and art exhibitions with Australian Day as my favorite one.

The best time to go there is during March through May or September through November when the weather is finest, however the beaches of Perth are the best during summer.

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Where To Stay In Perth

Perth offers a range of accommodation options that fit every budget. You can choose from luxury five-star hotels, boutique hotels, apartment complexes, and guest houses.

I recommend these two accommodations as The Pensione is in the CBD and very convenient if you rely on public transport to explore the best things to do in Perth, while the Karryiup Resort is the perfect place for families with kids but I liked it there, though.

Pensione Perth

This newly built hotel is located in the heart of Perth and offers 25 luxurious rooms with a balcony.

The Pensione Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and other amenities to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Karriyup Resort Perth

This top-end caravan park is located in the northern suburb of Perth and just a few kilometers from the beach.

The surrounding area is filled with many restaurants and several activities to enjoy. There are also playgrounds for young children and 2 outdoor pools.

20 Things to do in Perth, Western Australia

Picnic in Kings Park in Perth

Kings Park and Botanical Gardens is located in central Perth and spreads over 400 hectares. This Park alone has won 19 Green Flags for its green spaces, making it one of the best parks in Australia.

You can walk or relax for hours in this beautiful park but having a picnic with views over Perth’s skyline is the cherry on the cake and one of my favorite things to do in Perth as it is free.

You can bring your own food, drinks, and picnic rug or make it even more special and hire picnic material from many companies around Perth. Perfect for a romantic picnic or even a proposal.

TIP: Rent here a bohemian picnic set for a unique experience in Kings Park

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Wander Around Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is another place that is worth visiting in Perth. This waterfront park features an outdoor amphitheater, gardens, fountains, and stunning skyscrapers within the backdrop.

It is most visited at night when it provides a romantic atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. The entertainment precinct also features many restaurants and cafes serving various cuisines for visitors to choose from.

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Enjoy A Movie At The moonlight Cinema in Perth

One of the best things to do in Perth during summer is definitely the Moonlight Cinema in Kings Park. it’s a unique experience watching a movie in one of the largest parks in the world surrounded by the city’s skyline.

It is recommended to buy your tickets in advance as it sells out fast and you can even choose to upgrade or buy some snacks for during the movie.

Tip: Bring a blanket or warm trousers as the weather can cool down at night. 

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Enjoy A Walk Or Morning Run In Langley Park

Langley Park is a large inner-city park located along the Swan River. It stretches from the CBD to the Elizbeth Quay and many events are held in this park, However, it is also a great place for walking with your pet or a morning run.

Not a morning person, then visit Langlet Park with the sunset as you will be rewarded with an amazing view over the Swan River.


Snap Some Photos At The Blue Boat Shed 

Perth is a beautiful city, and the Blue Boat Shed allows visitors to see it from a different perspective. The building was designed by Australian architect Peter Brew in 1997 and is situated at the Swan River in front of Kings Park.

The lights reflected off the water onto the iconic boat shed at night to create memorable photo opportunities.

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Go Shopping in Perth CBD

Who doesn’t love shopping? The Perth CBD is in my opinion very practical for shopping as all the main shops are in Hay Street and Murray Street which are also traffic-free zones.

The shopping area in Perth CBD is also close to the train station which makes it convenient to come to the city with public transport. In Northbridge and Leederville, you can find more boutique and antique shops for vintage lovers.


Make a boat trip or relax at the Swan River

The Swan River offers many recreational activities with Langley Park and South Perth Foreshore as the best parks next to the river. One of the best activities is having a picnic with loved ones or taking a boat trip along the river.

The Swan River will provide stunning views and relaxes nerves after an exciting day in Perth. Many tour operators are offering different trips on the Swan River but a booking is essential.

Swan River Perth

Take A Walk In Hyde Park

This beautiful park is just a short 10-minute walk away from Perth CBD. It will provide some of the best landmarks in Perth, including The State War Memorial Precinct and Supreme Court Gardens.

I loved to walk around the park as it has a very relaxed vibe and a beautiful pond with some ducks and gooses to watch.

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Watch The Fireworks With Australian Day At The Swan River

Perth residents and visitors gather on the Swan River to watch a spectacular fireworks display every year with Australia Day. Probably one of the most unique things to do in Perth as it is an annual event.

The best viewpoints are in Langley Park or South Perth Foreshore, However, the amusement and shows in Langley Park are amazing.

Live bands are playing along the river, circus animations for families and kids, and incredible food stalls along the whole Swan River. You will love it! Take a spot at the Swan River banks around sunset to watch the amazing fireworks, it is probably better than New Year’s Eve.

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Spend Some Time At The Amazing Beaches Of Perth

Perth has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot, dry summers and mild winters. This natural environment has made Perth a Mecca for beach lovers and surfers.

The white sand beaches of Perth are a fantastic place to relax, build sandcastles or watch the amazing sunsets. Some of my favorite beaches are Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough Beach, and Leighton Beach.

Tip: Most beach areas have BBQs, showers, and toilets. I used Wickicamps to check on this. 

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Perth City - Scarborough Beach Sunset13- BLOGPOST
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Snorkel Around The Omeo Wreck

Perth might be famous for its beaches, but many don’t know there are several sunken ships in the Indian Ocean. The best is the Omeo Wreck which is only a 30-minute drive from Perth CBD.

You can see bring your own snorkel gear and have a nice day exploring the underwater life around the wreck.

TIP: Check the tides before visiting the Omeo Wreck

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Go out for dinner at a Japanese Barbeque

Northbridge is the place to be for a night out in Perth and experience something different. As my partner is Japanese, we went to a Japanese restaurant, Sumiya Gin on James, where you can choose up to 96 different recipes and grill at your own table.

Each table can order as much as they want from the chosen menu for 1,5 hours. You order the food from a touchscreen on your table and the waiters will bring it then to you.

A great experience to try new food or just fill up your tummy.

Japanese Barbeque in Perth

Make beautiful photos at the rainbow sea containers 

The Iconic artwork by Markus Canning in Fremantle and the perfect photo location, The Rainbow Sea Container.

It is open 24h and the best time to go there is with sunrise or sunset. Also, a parking area and public toilets are at Beach St. and on the opposite side of the road is a small walking path that goes up to the Rainbow Sea Containers

Fremantle - Rainbow Containers120- BLOGPOST
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Make a picnic stop and watch kangaroos at Heirisson Island

Heirisson Island is located in the middle of the Swan River and is a great place to stop and have a walk. The Island is very peaceful and surrounded by the stunning skyline of Perth.

You can see many kangaroos and birds while having a picnic in this beautiful place.

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Heirrison Island Perth

Enjoy the views from the DNA Tower

When you visit Kings Park for a picnic or before you go to the Moonlight Cinema, this is the perfect place to have a quick stop.

The DNA Tower is about 15m high with a view platform on top and definitely worth going up as you will get rewarded with some stunning views over Perth.

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Perth - DNA Tower Kings Park7- BLOGPOST
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Explore some street art or visit the Adnate Hotel

Walking through the city’s hidden alleys and finding some stunning murals is now part of every city trip I make. Recently I discovered this great artist Adnate who has even a hotel in Perth dedicated to his work.

It is definitely worth going there and ask at the receptionist to have a look around. And don’t forget to look outside of the hotel as the parking area has some beautiful murals as well.

But Perth has much more street art hidden in the alleys and laneways. The best way to discover them is by joining a guided tour that includes some of the best arts around Perth.

BOOK:A guided street art tour in Perth

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Have a Drink at the Belgian Beer Cafe

Probably THE best thing to do in Perth. After being in Australia for more than 2 years, It is nice to visit a cafe/restaurant where your roots are from. As a Belgian citizen, it was quite obvious that I went here to taste some of the best beers in the world and eat some great food from my country.

For those who don’t know what to choose at the bar, I highly recommend trying La Trappe Trappist or Duvel and some Belgian mussels with chips.

BOOK: Join a guided tour around some great bars in Perth

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Visit the Earth Community Market in Subiaco

In the neighborhood of Subiaco is a very lovely farmer’s market organized by the EartWise Community. Many organic and sustainable farmers come here to sell their own grown vegetables and fruits.

Everything about this market is about eco and sustainability, so if you like to engage with other like-minded people or just to buy your fresh veggies, then this market is perfect for a Sunday morning walk

INFO: Earthwise Community

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Farmers Market Subico Perth7- BLOGPOST

Watch the sunset over the skyline of Perth from the ZigZag Drive lookout

A short drive from Perth CBD into the Perth Hills is the Zig Zag Drive, Like the name stated, it is a zigzag road with an amazing lookout and viewpoint over Perth and its surroundings.

I drove up just before sunset and had some drinks with one of the most fantastic views over Perth. You can even see all the airplanes landing at the airport.

Before you go up the road, make sure you take the right way as it is a one-way road for vehicles.

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Make a day trip from Perth

You were probably thinking that this article is missing some of the best things to do in Perth. Actually there are too many things to explore around the city, so I decided to write another article with some of the best day trips from Perth.

Think about wine tastings in the Swan Valley or spotting koalas in Yanchep National Park. You gonna love Perth!

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Yanchep NP83- BLOGPOST

I hope this list of amazing things to do in Perth has given you some ideas for your next visit.

Whether it’s a family vacation, honeymoon, or just a city trip, enjoy every second and make the most out of your time here.

Let me know your favorite place in Perth in the comments below.

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