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A 5-day luxury Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan is the best way to discover the well-kept secrets and impressive ancient sites of Egypt. This incredible experience was on my bucket list for years and it was the highlight of my journey in Egypt.

Although there are many budget-friendly options, I wanted to experience this adventure to the fullest and decided to board Le Fayan, which is a  luxurious Nile cruise where you can enjoy Egyptian hospitality, a stylish and beautiful interior, and the most fascinating landscapes along the way.

As the cruise ship makes its way down the river and stops along the temples on the riverbank, you can disembark and explore the extraordinary ancient sites such as the Valley of the Kings, the Horus Temple, and the Kom Ombo Temple.

In this comprehensive guide, I will share my personal experience during the fantastic 5 days on the Le Fayan Nile Cruise and the most famous landmarks in Egypt that I visited during this journey.

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A Luxor to Aswan Guide

Because this is such a comprehensive guide, I included a menu so that you can quickly navigate through the itinerary or section that interests you the most and skip the introduction.

However, before you continue reading the full itinerary of this journey, I recommend reading the additional information on how to book, what to expect, and how much it costs.


Arrival at Le Fayan
Karnak Temple
Luxor Temple
Overnight in Luxor


Sunrise hot air balloon
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Valley of the Kings
Local craft shop
Memnon Colossi
Sail off to Esna


Edfu Temple
Kom Ombo Temple
Sail off to Aswan


Philae Temple
Nubian Village
Felucca sunset tour
Overnight in Aswan


Abu Simbel
Queen Nefertari Temple
Train to Luxor

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Luxor to Aswan Map 

Here is a map with the route that Le Fayan follows along the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan including the temples you will visit during the journey.

Le Fayan Nile Cruise - Adventure Map of Egypt

How to get to Luxor?

Despite its location in the middle of Egypt, the city of Luxor is easy to reach from Cairo by train or domestic flight but it’s also easy to reach from other destinations, such as Hurghada or Aswan.

Flights from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan are between €90-150 and to find the best flight deals, I always use Skyscanner.

I spent EGP260 / €10 to buy a bus ticket from Hurghada to Luxor where I eventually boarded this incredible experience.

If your trip starts in Aswan, I advise you to fly from Cairo to Aswan or travel by train from Luxor and join a 3-day cruise with Le Fayan. The cruises that are leaving from Aswan and sailing in the opposite direction that I describe in this article.

GOOD TO KNOW: When you travel in the opposite direction from Aswan to Luxor, be aware that you might visit different places or arrive at different times.

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Best time to go on a Nile River Cruise

The months of October to April are considered the best months to explore all the temples and sail down the Nile River. However, these are also the busiest months as the weather is comfortable to discover the best sights.

I went to Egypt in late September and although it was very hot, most visits to the temples and ancient sites were in the early mornings, so you could enjoy the pool during the heat of the day.

Spending time at the bar or relaxing on the ship’s sun deck is nice, but nothing beats the comfort of your cabin with air conditioning. However, a perfect Nile River cruise trip includes stops at some of the world’s most famous archaeological sites and ancient temples, so planning your trip from Aswan to Luxor is crucial.

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What you need to know before going on a Nile cruise

  • Before you enter Egypt, you’ll need to get a visa on arrival or apply for a visa in advance.
  • The cruise goes in both directions, from Luxor to Aswan in 5 days and from Aswan to Luxor in 4 days
  • Airport pick-up is included in most packages
  • It is an adventurous and quite busy program where you walk a lot and depending on the period you travel, it can be very hot.
  • Take cash and mainly USD, EUR, or EGP, I used my WISE Card to withdraw money with the lowest International fees
  • It is an unforgettable adventure with the most impressive temples and famous landmarks in Egypt
  • The cruise has all the luxury you need on board to make you  feel comfortable and relaxed
  • All meals are included but you need to pay for your drinks
  • Tips are greatly appreciated by the staff.
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How to book a Nile River Cruise

It can be challenging to choose which cruise is best for you because there are hundreds of different cruises and tour agencies that sail down the Nile River.

Although all boats travel the same route and the agencies offer the same boats, the biggest difference in the price depends on the facilities, staff, and food quality on board.

When you book through a tour agency, you can choose a package that includes the Nile River Cruise + a (private) guided tour, and transfers to all the temples and activities, so make sure you get enough information about the inclusions of your trip such as entrance fees, transfers, and guides, …

However, you need to know that there are fixed departure dates:

  • From Luxor to Aswan – 4 night / 5 days tour – Depart every Thursday from Luxor
  • From Aswan to Luxor – 3 night / 4 days tour – Depart every Monday from Aswan

Even though I didn’t end up making a reservation with any of these agencies, I do recommend looking into them as they were very helpful to me during my research.

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How much does a Nile River Cruise Cost?

The cruises are mostly divided into three categories: Economy, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe, with prices varying according to the category. However, if you find a cruise ship you like, you can ask an agency or tour company what their best offers are on that particular cruise, and you might get a better deal than you find online.

The Le Fayan is a Deluxe cruise that features a higher standard of quality, a more comfortable and modern interior, highly trained staff, an extensive menu, and luxurious amenities such as a jacuzzi, sauna, and swimming pool.

Pricing for a standard cabin on Le Fayan starts at €190 per night per person, which includes all meals, entrance fees, transfers and a private guide. If you want to join the cruise without a guide and visit to the temples, you can expect to pay €100 per night per person

Cruise only

Anyone can hop on a cruise and see all the temples on their own without a tour guide. Just keep in mind that you have to follow the cruise’s arrival and departure times and that you’ll have to find your own way to get to the places you want to see, like a taxi or a local driver.

You can book a cruise from Luxor to Aswan for €250 per person for 5 days, but it does not include any guides or visits. Departing from Aswan on a 4-day tour is cheaper as you pay one night less.

Guide only

When you have already booked a tour along the Nile, you can also book a private guide of your choice, as long as he follows the schedule of your cruise.

It is even possible to explore Luxor on your own and when you arrive in Aswan hire a private guide to show you around.

A private guide, including entrance fees and transfers, will cost around €200-250 per person for a 5-day trip from Luxor to Aswan, but this depends on what you want to see and do on your trip.

Cruise and guide

Booking a full package is the best and easiest way to enjoy your trip without any hassles or worries.

These packages typically cost between €500 and 850 per person and cover your entire trip from start to finish, including the 4 or 5-day cruise, guide, sightseeing, transportation, and meals.

I booked the Le Fayan Nile Cruise for 5 days, which included a private guide, and entrance fees to the temples in this article and I added extra activities like a sunrise hot air balloon ride and a trip to Abu Simbel

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The Rooms of Le Fayan

There are 61 rooms, including a junior suite, a royal suite, and a presidential suite. The rest are standard cabins, which I also stayed in and these were very comfortable.

Each standard cabin has a large window with a view of the Nile, a beautiful wooden interior, and a glass-windowed bathroom so that you can still enjoy the wonderful views of the Nile while showering.

Each room features a wardrobe, TV, mini refrigerator, and safety deposit box in addition to complimentary amenities.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Room14- BLOGPOST HQ
Le Fayan - Royal Suite10- BLOGPOST HQ

The excellent facilities on board

The facilities on board are excellent and diverse, with a lounge and cocktail bar, a library, a jeweler, and a souvenir shop on the ground floor.

Besides the incredible facilities on the ground floor, you will find the wonderful spa on the first floor, complete with a sauna, massage salon, and a gym with a view of the Nile River. A good reason to do a workout during your holiday!

On the sun deck, you can unwind at the bar, soak in the open-air jacuzzi, or cool off in the swimming pool while taking in the breathtaking views of the Nile.

Le Fayan - Lounge and cocktail bar63- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - sunset at the sundeck4- BLOGPOST HQ
Le Fayan - Gym and Spa7- BLOGPOST HQ

Le Fayan Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan in 5 days

Day 1: Exploring the East Bank of Luxor

Upon arrival in Luxor, I went straight to the East bank of the Nile where Le Fayan was moored. For the next 5 days, I will be exploring the most impressive ancient temples and preserved religious sites of Egypt.

For this trip, I booked a standard cabin with a beautiful view of the Nile River and besides the 58 standard cabins that already felt very luxurious to me, Le Fayan also has a Junior Suite, a Royal Suite, and a Presidential Suite.

Once I had unpacked my luggage in the room, I went to the restaurant to enjoy a buffet lunch and then continued to the first sight of this amazing journey, The Karnak Temple.

As the package that I booked included a guide, transfers, entrance fees and the cruise experience, I didn’t have to worry about anything and I could enjoy the journey to the fullest.

Keto is a recognized Egyptologist and my tour guide for the next 5 days. After a short introduction and the schedule for the next few days, we went to the Karnak Temple.

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Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Luxor Temple23- BLOGPOST HQ
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Discover the greatness of The Karnak Temple 

The Karnak Temple was the first sight of the trip and besides being one of the world’s largest religious structures, this temple is also very impressive. We walked through the remains of the Avenue of the Sphinxes before reaching the awe-inspiring main entrance of the complex.

The Temple is dedicated to the god Mut, Amon, and Khonsu and has one of the most sacred places in Egypt, the Holy of Hollies.

However, you will find many hidden rooms, huge statues, and ancient hieroglyphs in the Karnak Temple but the most impressive place is The Great Hypostyle Hall, where 134 enormous pillars are standing up to 24 meters high.

Keto always tried to get some peaceful places during the tour, away from the other group tours so that he could give us information about the history and culture of this massive complex

At the end of the history lesson of Keto, we were free to roam around for about 30 minutes and take Instagram photos because that’s what you definitely need to do here!

Although the best time to visit the Karnak Temple is in the early morning, I loved the afternoon visit as the sun was setting and the sun’s rays shining through the huge columns and pillars created a magical effect. Ideally for taking beautiful pictures!

Keto was waiting at the main entrance, where we gathered together to go to the next visit. The Luxor temple.

INFO: The entrance of the Karnak Temple was included in my guided tour but if you want to go yourself the entrance fee is EGP 220

BOOK: Explore the Karnak Temple with a private guide and transfer

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Watch the sunset at the Luxor Temple

A short drive from the Karnak Temple and near the place where Le Fayan is moored is the Luxor Temple. Located in the middle of the city, this temple has to be on your list when you plan to visit Luxor.

It is also believed that the Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple were once connected by the Avenue of the Sphinx.

Although the morning is the best time to visit this temple, our guide recommended visiting it at the end of the day because then you have a beautiful sunset and can also admire the temple when it’s wonderfully illuminated in the dark. A truly unique experience!

You can easily recognize the entrance of the temple by the 6 gigantic structures of King Ramses II, two of which are in a sitting position in the middle.
And if you take a closer look at the sitting statues you will find a small statue of Queen Nefertari on each side.

You will also see a huge Obelisk on the East side of the temple. This Obelisk is one of the 2 remaining obelisks as the other one was donated to France and can now be admired at Place de Concorde.

Keto suggested exploring the temple on our own and taking photos during the sunset, so he could give the tour and explanation when the temple was illuminated. I really liked his advice as we avoided the larger groups and I was able to take beautiful photos of the golden hour of the Luxor Temple.

Keto told us about the construction of the Luxor Temple, the history of Ramses II  and the god Amon but also about remains of the Christian church that you can still find in the complex from the era of Alexander The Great,

After a fantastic tour and a bit more history of Egypt, we returned to the cruise where a delicious a-la-carte dinner was served and went straight to bed as there was something very exciting on the program the next day.

INFO: The entrance fee for the Luxor Temple is EGP 180

BOOK: Visit the best Temples of Luxor during a private tour along the West and East banks

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Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Luxor Temple5- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Luxor Temple34- BLOGPOST HQ

Day 2: Exploring the West Bank of Luxor

On day 2, I had to get out of bed early because this is perhaps the busiest day of the whole trip. We are going to explore five different activities along the West Bank of the Nile River, but each place was more than worth getting up early

Although we had to get out of bed early, the first night on the cruise was wonderful. At approximately 3.30 AM we met Keto again in the lobby of Le Fayan as he guided us to the first activity of the day.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Hatseputh Temple120- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Valley of the Kings - Tausert and Setnakht Tomb2- BLOGPOST HQ

Experience a sunrise hot air ballooning in Luxor

We started the second day of this fantastic trip from Luxor to Aswan with a bucket list experience that I wanted to do for so long, a sunrise hot balloon ride.

Although most people go to Cappadocia in Turkey for this experience, hot air ballooning in Luxor over the Valley of the Kings will make your visit even more Unique and unforgettable.

As Le Fayan was located on the East Bank and all the balloon rides are taking off on the West Bank, we had to take a local boat to cross the Nile River, where a minivan picked us up and drove to the take-off zone of the balloons.

It was still dark when we arrived at the departure area, but we were told that the weather was not in our favor and that it might be canceled. We waited for 40 long minutes and all of a sudden the authorities permitted them to take off.

In less than 10 minutes our balloon was inflated and we were among the first to lift off the ground in a tiny basket under a giant balloon. With 16 people, we were divided into the basket and saw the sun’s first rays over the Egyptian desert as we floated towards the Valley of The Kings.

A sunrise balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings is a truly one-of-a-lifetime experience where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views while gently floating through the air.

With so many beautiful views to take in, we didn’t realize we’d been in the air for nearly an hour before making contact with the ground again and even though the wind wasn’t in our favor, we were able to make a smooth landing and enjoy a pleasant flight.

Once on the ground, the balloon deflated while we were taken in the back of a pick-up to go back to the Le Fayan cruise for breakfast as the next activity was already waiting.

TIP: The sunrise hot air balloon ride in Luxor is an optional activity that I highly recommend booking besides the private guide and Nile Cruise experience. 

GOOD TO KNOW: A hot air balloon flight is an optional activity that you can book and it cost between US$60-80per person

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Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Hot Air Balloon120- BLOGPOST HQ

Marvel at the majestic Queen Hatshepsut Temple

Again a short boat ride took us to the West Bank from Luxor where we are about to discover even more ancient temples, religious sanctuaries, and famous Egyptian artifacts

The next place that we visited was the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and while we were there, Keto shared with us additional information about the history and the story of the only female Pharaoh who ruled Egypt.

Made up of different terraces, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut was built up against the cliffs at Deir el-Bahari with colorful hieroglyphs in different rooms across the complex. I had never seen such well-preserved relics from ancient times.

After spending about an hour and a half in the Hatshepsut Temple, we moved on to the next location, which was one that we had visited previously but this time we are going to explore it from a different perspective.

TIP: The entrance fee for Queen Hatshepsut Temple is EGP 160 per person

BOOK: Explore Queen Hatshepsut Temple during a 2-day guided tour

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Hatseputh Temple157- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Hatseputh Temple116- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Hatseputh Temple149- BLOGPOST HQ

Find ancient treasures at the Valley Of The Kings

Earlier this morning we were floating over the tombs of the Valley of the Kings with a hot air balloon, but a visit to Luxor is not complete without exploring the treasures that the pharaohs left behind in Egypt.

The Valley of the kings is actually the burial site where about 60 pharaohs are buried and 24 of which are accessible to tourists.
One of the most famous tombs you can find here is Dr. Carter’s latest discovery, the Tombs of Tut Ahn Kamun.

With an entrance ticket, you can visit up to 3 different tombs in the Valley of the Kings, however, there are 24 tombs, so if you want to explore more you’ll need to buy a new ticket that gives you access to another 3 tombs and so on.

Before we explored the tombs ourselves, Keto gave some more information about the various discoveries, the treasures, the pharaohs, and the general history of this special place.

On the advice of my guide Keto, I went to discover the tombs of Merenptah, the shared tombs of Tausert and Setnakht, and the tomb of Ramses 3 and what a unique experience is it to walk through the beautifully colored hieroglyphs in the depths of the Valley to see the impressive sarcophagi finally!

Although the tomb of Tutankhamun is the most famous, I skipped this one and plan to visit Luxor again in the future.

TIP: Explore the Valley of the Kings yourself. The entrance fee is EGP 260 per person to visit 3 different tombs

BOOK: A 2-day guided tour in Luxor also includes a visit to Valley of The kings

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Valley of the Kings - Merenptah Tomb12- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Valley of the Kings - Tausert and Setnakht Tomb18- BLOGPOST HQ

Visit a local craft shop

You’ve probably experienced this before, but like in any touristy place, you’re somehow lured into a local craft shop. Usually, I’m not into this kind of thing at all, but as part of the experience and on the recommendation of my guide, Keto, I did it anyway.

The craftsmen gave us a small presentation on how they make authentic sculptures and engravings before we visited their shop.

It was interesting to see how they make it in the traditional way and even though the men were amazingly friendly and offered us a cup of tea without the pressure to buy anything from them, I didn’t buy a souvenir.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Limestone factory8- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Limestone factory17- BLOGPOST HQ

Have a quick stop at the Colossi of Memnon

The second day ended with a visit to two enormous stone statues that can be seen from a distance. These are The Colossi of Memnon statues or also known as the Memnon Colossi and were constructed to guard the ruins of the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III.

In the many years that the gigantic statues have been standing here, they have been damaged by earthquakes, floods, and looting.

However, we were lucky to still be able to visit this site as German archaeologists were preparing the site to restore the statues and mortuary temple of Amenhotep III in the next few years.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Memnon Colossi21- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Hatseputh Temple167- BLOGPOST

Sailing off to Edfu

We returned to the boat in the afternoon, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet and some free time while Le Fayan set sail to the next destination on this fantastic journey, Edfu.

During the 9-hour Nile River cruise to Edfu, we spend time at the lovely sundeck, cooled down at the pool with some delicious cocktails and we enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes and a stunning sunset.

Just before the a-la-carte dinner was served in the restaurant, we arrived at the large dam of Esna through which the boat had to pass to continue sailing south towards Aswan

It was impressive and surprising to see how a huge cruise ship like the Le Fayan was able to fit itself between the walls of the lock and was lifted about 9 meters higher by the water pressure.

As soon as we passed through the lock, there was a traditional performance at the bar where I had a drink and then went straight to bed because it had been a long day. The following morning, we continued on our Egypt itinerary by visiting some more temples.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Top Deck27- BLOGPOST HQ

Day 3: Temples along the Nile

During this incredible cruise along the Nile, we had the opportunity to explore a few more temples that were included in Le Fayan’s itinerary. These temples were located in various locations along the river and are a bit more difficult to reach when you are not joining a Nile River cruise.

I visited the Edfu temple, also known as the Horus Temple, and the temple of Kom Ombo, which are both highly recommended on any traveler’s itinerary for Egypt.

However, if you do not want to join a cruise from Luxor to Aswan, you can still make the trip to the Kom Ombo Temple, which is undoubtedly unique and can also be reached from Aswan.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Sundeck and pool8- BLOGPOST HQ

Admire the Temple of Edfu

On day three, I got an easy start with a hearty breakfast buffet before being picked up by the local transportation alongside my guide Keto at 8.30 in the morning.

We traveled by horse-drawn carriage to the Tempel of Edfu or also known as the Horus temple, which is less visited than other temples but is just as impressive.

The Horus Temple is dedicated to the god Horus, who is illustrated as a falcon and can be found throughout the temple in various forms, including on the hieroglyphs, at the entrance to the temple, and as sculptures.

Because it was already quite warm so early in the morning, Keto began his explanation and history lesson in the shade of the enormous entrance gate. After his tour around the temple, I had time to explore the enormous columns and admire the stunning colored wall hieroglyphs.

We took the horse-drawn carriage back to the cruise after the tour in the Horus Temple as the cruise was about to leave for the next destination, Kom Ombo.

TIP: The entrance fee for the Temple of Edfu is EGP 200 per person.

BOOK: Discover the Edfu Temple with a full-day guided tour from Aswan

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Horus Temple16- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Horus Temple336- BLOGPOST HQ

Be amazed at the Kom Ombo Temple

It was a five-hour cruise to Kom Ombo, so we had plenty of time to relax in the outdoor jacuzzi, swim in the pool, and take in the spectacular countryside.

The temple is unique because it are actually two temples in one, one for the falcon god Horus and the other for the crocodile god Sobek.

It was very busy because we arrived in the afternoon together with a few other cruise ships, but Keto once again found some quieter places to make our tour more pleasant.

He provided us with a detailed explanation of the history of the temple, the gods, and the story behind it.
To put it in simple words, the Egyptians feared the crocodiles and believed that if they worshiped the crocodiles, they would not be attacked by the crocodiles.

The crocodiles were mummified and offered as sacrifices in honor of the god Sobek. If you visit the Crocodile Museum in Kom Ombo, you will be able to see the mummified crocodiles as well as some mummified eggs.

Although there were a lot of people in the temple, the time of our visit was perfectly timed to take stunning photos of the temple’s awe-inspiring architecture. The rays of light illuminated the massive temple columns from a nice perspective and created a beautiful glow.

The Kom Ombo Temple is well worth the trip.

TIP: The entrance fee for the Kom Ombo Temple and the Crocodile Museum is EGP 160 per person.

BOOK: A full-day guided tour from Aswan includes a visit to the Kom Ombo Temple

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Kom-Ombe Temple and crocodile Museum187- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Kom-Ombe Temple and crocodile Museum122- BLOGPOST HQ

An oriental night aboard Le Fayan

After exploring the temple of Kom Ombo, we set sail for a four-hour journey to Aswan, and along the way we enjoyed a fantastic sunset while the staff prepared everything for the themed evening on the sundeck.

The amazing staff of Le Fayan had made an excellent oriental dinner buffet while dressed in traditional clothes. It was a night full of music, dance, and entertainment. Super fun and it allowed us to meet with some of the other guests too.

During the whole journey to Aswan, we enjoyed the magical views of the night sky, and as soon as we arrived, the cruise docked and we went straight to bed so that we could explore Aswan the next morning.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Oriental dinner sundeck4- BLOGPOST HQ

Day 4: Exploring Aswan

Day 4 of this trip was quite a quiet day where you can still do optional activities or wander around Aswan yourself. However, I needed a bit of relaxation time after visiting all these temples in the hot weather and decided to have a dip in the pool.

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8 incredible things to do in Aswan Egypt

Visit the Philae Temple

Le Fayan is docked in Aswan and after a delicious breakfast, we left again with the guide to a unique temple, the Philae Temple, which is built on an island, so we had to take a small boat first to get to the main entrance.

Although the original temple was on a different island and threatened to be submerged during the construction of Aswan’s lower dam, it has been completely rebuilt on its current site.

In addition to its stunning views of the surrounding islands, the Philae temple has a charming and enchanting appearance that makes it one of my favourite stops on this trip.

What makes this trip so fascinating is the fact that you can make connections when you know more about the various gods, temples, and hieroglyphs that can be discovered there.

We walked around the enormously complex and stopped to photograph some of the most picturesque areas of the temple before making our way back to Le Fayan to enjoy our last lunch buffet.

TIP: The entrance fee for the Philae Temple is EGP 200 per person.

BOOK: Explore Aswan during a guided tour and visit the Philae Temple

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Philae Temple52- BLOGPOST HQ
Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Philae Temple2- BLOGPOST HQ

Explore the Nubian Villages

During the trip from Luxor to Aswan, you have the option to join some additional activities such as a visit to a traditional Nubian Village.

The Nubian people are originally from Sudan, speak their own language, live in bright-colored houses and are known to be some of the most welcoming people in all of Egypt.

If you are in Aswan it is pretty easy to explore the Nubian Villages yourself or even with a guide, although I recommend going in the afternoon to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

However, I skipped this activity and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the pool of Le Fayan.

Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Philae Temple462- BLOGPOST HQ

Day 5: Discovering the most beautiful temple in Egypt

A visit to one of the highlights of this trip and a place that has to be on your Egypt Itinerary was scheduled very early in the morning.

The driver picked us up at the dock where Le Fayan was moored at three o’clock in the morning and we began the nearly four-hour journey to the southern border of Egypt. This is where the magnificent Abu Simbel Temple and the Temple of Queen Nefertari are located.

It is good to know this amazing activity is an optional excursion that you need to book in advance and that you must check out at 2:30 am before you leave for Abu Simbel. You will not back be on time after you visit the temples to pack your bags.

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Egypt - Luxor - Le Fayan - Nefertari Temple171- BLOGPOST HQ

Behold the Abu Simbel and Queen Nefertari temples

The sun was rising during our journey to Abu Simbel and as soon as I realized I could see the most impressive and famous landmarks in Egypt, I felt super excited.

This experience had been on my bucket list for years, and I was finally able to tick it off.

Once we arrived at the ticket office of the temple complex, we followed our guide Keto to the entrance of Abu Simbel. where he provided us with detailed information about the history and the story behind the hieroglyphs that were located inside the temples.

The Abu Simbel Temple was built by King Ramesses II with four massive statues of himself to intimidate intruders, traders, and cruises that sailed along the Nile River, while the smaller Queen Nefertari temple was built right next to the Abu Simbel complex to honor his wife, Queen Nefertari.

As soon as Keto finished his guided tour, we explored the temples of Abu Simbel temple and the Queen Nefertari temple ourselves and made some beautiful photos.

After a short while, we made our way back to Le Fayan, where we had breakfast before continuing our journey by taking the train from Aswan to Luxor.

TIP: So most group tours go first inside Abu Simbel and then to Queen Nefertari, I recommend doing the opposite and waiting a bit longer. The group Tours will leave between 9 AM and 10 AM so you will have the temples for yourself.

TIP: The entrance fee for Abu Simbel and the Queen Nefertari Temple is EGP 260 per person without transfers to Abu Simbel.

GOOD TO KNOW: A visit to Abu Simbel is an optional excursion and the price for a private transfer and guide is between US$100-120 per person 

Egypt - Luxor - Abu Simbel49- BLOGPOST
Egypt - Luxor - Abu Simbel61- BLOGPOST

Take the train from Aswan to Luxor

At the end of this amazing journey, I returned to Luxor by train where I continued my trip to Hurghada. The guide, Keto had arranged some train tickets for us but in second class as first class was already full.

Nevertheless, the train ride is actually very beautiful and reminded me of the train ride from Ella to Kandy in Sri Lanka

In Hurghada, I spent a few more days at the beach however, if you haven’t seen the Great Pyramids of Giza yet, you should take a flight from Aswan to Cairo and spend some time exploring them.

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The camera gear I used for this trip

I never go out without my camera and many people ask me which gear I use. So to make it quite easy, I listed all the gear I used for this trip below.

Most of the time, I travel with the Sony A7III and the Sony 24-105mm/f4 as my primary lens but depending on the location, I change to another setup. However, I love the Tamron 17-28 to shoot in the big cities.



  • March 11, 2023

    Can you tell me with whom you booked your Le Fayan cruise?? How far in advance?? It sounds fabulous.


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