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My road trip from Perth to Carnarvon was already amazing with beautiful spots along the way such as the Pinnacles, Kalbarri National Park and Francois Peron National Park but there are also many things to do in Carnarvon itself.

Driving along the Fruitloop, learning more about our universe in the Space Museum or spotting dolphins along the coastline are just a few of the amazing things to do in Carnarvon.

In this article, I want to share 13 great things to do in Carnarvon Western Australia including where to stay and how to get from Perth to Carnarvon, Western Australia.

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How to get from Perth to Carnarvon Western Australia?

By car or campervan: The easiest way to travel from Perth to Carnarvon Western Australia is by renting a car or campervan. Carnarvon is located about 900 km north of Perth between the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and Coral Bay.

There are many rental companies in Western Australia but we recommend hiring a vehicle with RentalCars or a campervan with Travellers Autobarn & Maui.

Keep in mind that if you want to explore the Shark Bay World Heritage Area or more specific Francois Peron National Park on your way from Perth to Carnarvon, you definitely need a 4×4.

Another option is to buy a car if you stay in Australia for a longer period as I did. I decided to buy a Jeep and convert it into a campervan to travel around Australia.

By bus: It is also possible to get from Perth to Carnarvon with the coach bus of Integrity Coach Lines which operates a few times a week and prices are bout AU$ 130-190. I didn’t use the service of this company but we can highly recommend them as they go to many other destinations in Western Australia and the information on their website is clear.

Accommodation in Carnarvon Western Australia

There are a few campgrounds in Carnarvon Western Australia and even some great hotels. As I am travelling in a converted jeep, I choose to stay at Wintersun Caravan Park. A good campsite with clean ablutions and very friendly staff. The price for an unpowered site was AUD32 and for powered AUD38.

The Gascoyne Hotel is a great place to stay if you want a more comfortable room. This hotel has a beer garden where you can have amazing food and watch the beautiful sunsets as well.

The best things to do in Carnarvon, Western Australia

Drive along the Fruit Loop in Carnarvon 

Carnarvon Western Australia is the hometown of many fruit and vegetable farmers. Just outside of town is the famous Fruit Loop where you can drive along and stop at the different farms to buy or eat their fresh products.

If you are making your way from Perth to Carnarvon make sure you take this route as well as it is a beautiful scenic drive with banana farms, grape farms and mango farms along the way.

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Have a photoshoot in the insta-famous Cactus garden

The cactus garden in Carnarvon is definitely something you have seen on social media. This beautiful Cactus garden is actually a real garden of a family’s house and an amazing place to take some great photos.

There is a small donation box in front of the house, so the family can maintain the garden even better.

TIP: Go in the afternoon to have the best lighting in the cactus garden.

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Have a BBQ at the Carnavon Fascine

The Carnarvon Fascine is the foreshore next to the river developed with palm trees, BBQs and walking boards. It is the perfect place to relax on the grass or have a BBQ under the shelters.

So if you just want to relax and unwind in Carnarvon, visit the Fascine as it is also the best place to see the sunset.

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Visit the Carnarvon’s Space and Technology Centre

One of the most surprising things to do in Carnarvon, Western Australia is a visit to Space & Technology Centre. Try to go around 9 am as they offer free coffee and tea if you buy an entrance ticket.

The space station was used for communication with the USA and the international space station in the ’60s & ’70s and nowadays it’s a museum that’s divided into different sections with interactive parts such as space arcade games, a photo corner where you are standing on the moon & a replica of the launch of Apollo 11.

It was a very interesting morning and I was amazed by all the information about our universe. After a few hours of wandering inside the Space & Technology Centre, it was time to see the big satellite outside that was used for the communication between Australia, The USA, and the space stations back in the ’70s. Definitely worth a stop and walk up the satellite.

COST: The admission tickets are AU$ 18/adult and AU$ 10/child

INFO: Find here more information about a visit to the Space & Technology Museum

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Visit The One Mile Jetty

Carnarvon is home to one of the longest jetties in the world which became a landmark today. unfortunately due to a cyclone, the Jetty is damaged and closed until further notice.

However, I recommend visiting the Heritage Cafe as there is a lot of information about the history of the Jetty and there are some boardwalk trails through the mangroves that you can explore.

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Buy local honey

Buying fresh products straight from the farmers is always a good way to support local communities and I found this farmer in Carnarvon that sells, Mangos, grapes and honey.

The daughter is an award-wining beekeeper in the region and I couldn’t resist trying it. If you drive up their property you will pass some vineyards and mango trees, which are also worth having a look at.

The lady sells a few different jars of honey that you can taste before buying and I bet you won’t walk out with empty hands.

TIP: The location is not on google maps but there is a small sign “honey for sale” across the Wintersun Caravan Park on Robinson Street

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Carnarvon - Honey at Farmer2- BLOGPOST
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Admire the spectacular Quobba Blowholes

Almost 80km out of Carnarvon Western Australia are the Quobba Blowholes where the ocean smashes onto the cliffs and blows through the rocky holes into the air. 

It is a short walk along the rough cliffs to admire the spectacular scenery but you need to be very careful as the rocks are sharp and wet. I was even lucky to spot some humpback whales in the distance.

Quobba Station Blowholes170- BLOGPOST

Take a photo at the King Waves Kills sign

You probably have seen this very popular sign somewhere on social media as almost every tourist takes a snap under the sign. The sign is a warning to the visitors of the Quobba Blowholes and the dangerous waves that smash onto the cliffs.

The best time to visit the sign is at sunset or sunrise for the best photos or take the chance to visit the lighthouse up the hill as well.

14 great things to do in Carnarvon, Western Australia

Spent a night at Quobba Station

After a visit to the Quobba blowholes, I drove to Quobba station. A great campground along the road with a beautiful beach and a 5km walking trail that goes along the beach, which is amazing.

I was lucky to spot humpback whales breaching and dolphins playing in the waves. This was a unique moment which made the trip from Perth to Carnarvon unforgettable.

When I arrived at the campsite, the friendly owners gave me campsite 11 which had a shelter, BBQ area and is located close to the beach path  There is also a small kitchen area and the ablution block is clean but basic.

Quobba Station - Quobba Beach 75- BLOGPOST
Quobba Station - Quobba Beach 83- BLOGPOST

Explore the caves at Red Bluff

Another 100km further than Quobba station is Red Bluff Beach where you can find one of the most beautiful beach caves I have ever seen. Red Bluff is a great place to relax on the beach or catch a wave if you are into surfing.

On arrival, you’ll need to register your car at the reception of the campground as the beach is actually the property of the campground. We can highly recommend staying a night if you have enough time on your trip.

TIP: Visit Red Bluff with the low tide as you can join the natural rock pools in front of the beach. 

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Watch the sunset at the Gascoyne Hotel or Town Beach

I love sunsets and the moment I arrived in Carnarvon, I asked the receptionist of the campsite what’s the best place to watch the sunset. The friendly lady recommended going to either Town Beach or the beer garden of the Gascoyne Hotel.

I went to the beer garden of the Gascoyne Hotel and it was just amazing. The sun goes down behind the small harbour between the palm trees. A really amazing sight while I enjoyed some drinks and the perfect place to end the day.

Carnarvon - Palmtrees13- BLOGPOST
Carnarvon - Palmtrees12- BLOGPOST

Have a smoothie or icecream at Bumbak’s Smoothies

Who doesn’t love handcrafted ice cream or fresh fruit smoothies? Bumbak’s Smoothies is a banana & mango plantation in Carnarvon Western Australia that has award-winning products and the most delicious icecreams.

You can find Bumbak’s Smoothies along the Fruit Loop Drive in Carnarvon across the river and products like frozen chocolate bananas or mango smoothies are really hard to resist.

TIP: The mango-chocolate ice cream is awesome! 

Carnarvon Fruit Loop - Western Australia-2- BLOGPOST

Go to a car wash

After a visit to Francois Peron National Park, your car will probably be completely covered by red dust and sand just like mine. In front of the Carnarvon Caravan Park is a carwash which was the perfect moment to clean the car before I headed further up north to Broome.

I choose to do a self-car wash and paid AU$ 8. The car wash works on a time system and costs about AU$ 2 per minute.

Geraldton - Carwash4- BLOGPOST

Do some groceries at Woolworths in Carnarvon

The Woolworths supermarket in Carnarvon is the last bigger supermarket when you drive up North to Exmouth. In Coral Bay is a small local supermarket where you also can buy a lot of stuff but it’s more expensive and In Exmouth are 2 IGA supermarkets but I noticed that the prices are also higher compared to Woolworths.

And if you have a Woolworths rewards card you can also save some extra points.

The next big supermarket after Exmouth is in Karratha or Tom Price.

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Extra: Free water and showers in Carnarvon

Carnarvon is a great place to stop and fill up your water bottles as there is a free water tap at the Information Bay after you pass the Space & Technology Museum.

There are also free showers available at the boat dock at the Harbour Rd. next to the parking area of the Department of Transport.

Carnarvon - Free Showers - BLOGPOST

Carnarvon is a place many tourists skip or just drive through on their way to Coral Bay or Exmouth. However, there is quite a lot to discover and to do in Carnarvon.

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