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With a vibrant culture, laid-back lifestyle, and sumptuous cuisine, Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in Asia. Believe me, you won’t get bored here for a minute!

I recently spend 4 days in Bangkok which is enough to explore the best highlights, and its beautiful landmarks and savor delicious Thai food. Think about visiting places like The Grand Palace and Wat Arun, rushing through the streets in a Tuk-Tuk ride, and getting lost in the ancient city of Ayutthaya.

And besides these amazing sights, make sure you taste authentic Thai dishes like Tom Yum noodles or Pad Thai for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

In this article, I’ll share the perfect 4 days in Bangkok itinerary packed with inspiring photos, helpful information, and useful tips. However, you can easily adapt this itinerary if you have only 3 days in Bangkok or even more time to spend,

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How to get to Bangkok?

Flying to Bangkok from anywhere in the world is super easy because it is a world city. There are flights available from Europe for a few hundred euros, whereas there are flights available from other Asian countries for as little as fifty euros.

Bangkok is also easily accessible by bus or trains from neighboring countries Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. I have been to Bangkok a few times, and this particular trip lasted for four days. I flew from Japan to Bangkok on Airasia for only €200 round-trip.

The city has two major airports, and depending on which one you land at, you can get to the city quickly by public transportation.

Don Mueang International Airport (DMK):
This is the airport where the majority of budget flights land. Tigerair, Vietnam Airlines, Lionair… With a metered taxi or an app like Uber or Grab you’ll get pretty fast to the city depending on the traffic. However, this will cost you about €20.

Most backpackers stay in the area around Khao San Road and for only €4-5 per person, you can take a Limo Airport Bus to Khao San Road.

If your hotel is near Silom, like mine then I would recommend taking the airport’s red SRT Skytrain for 33 THB and transferring at Bang Sue Station to the MRT blue line for a total cost of 42 THB.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (MBK):
Most international flights arrive here such as Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, and many others. To avoid the hectic traffic in Bangkok, I would recommend taking the metro/Skytrain, which will get you in the city in the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way.

And if you are staying in the Silom area, take the City Line to Makassar and transfer to the blue MRT line to Petchaburi and ride a few more stops to Silom. This trip will cost about 70-80THB in total.

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How to get around Bangkok?

The BTS Skytrain and MRT subway systems in Bangkok make travel convenient and inexpensive. Depending on the number of stops, a ride will cost you between 20 and 80 THB.

A more unique mode of transportation is getting around the city with a tuk-tuk driver. Negotiate a fair price for your destination and enjoy the ride in the back of these neon-colored tricycle bikes. A ride from Kao San Road to China Town will cost about 70-100 THB.

However, if your hotel is located near the Chao Phraya River, you can easily access the many stops along the river by hopping on the ferry. A one-way ticket costs roughly 40 THB, and in exchange, you get to take in breathtaking panoramas of the city.

And in case you want to take a taxi, take a metered one. These are the cheapest, but traffic can be chaotic at times, causing you to stand still for long periods while your meter continues to run.

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The best time to visit Bangkok

The best time to visit Bangkok is during the cooler months of November to February when temperatures range between 20-30°C, making it ideal for exploring the city’s famous temples, markets, and street food scene without melting in the heat.

In addition, this period coincides with Thailand’s high season where festivities such as the Chinese New Year. However, bear in mind that hotel prices and tourist crowds may also be higher during these months.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to brave the humidity and occasional rain showers, visiting from June to October can be a good option as prices drop and there are fewer tourists around.

I visited Bangkok several times at different times of the year and even though it can be very hot or rainy all day, there is always something to explore in this bustling city.

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Where to stay in Bangkok?

If you’re looking for accommodation in Bangkok, several neighborhoods offer unique experiences. The area around Khao San Road is a popular area for backpackers and budget travelers with its vibrant nightlife, cheap eats, and hostels.

The Kao San Road is also near the Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew, which makes it interesting for those who want to explore more of Thai history and culture.

Sukhumvit is another great neighborhood with plenty of options for accommodation ranging from budget hotels to luxurious high-rise apartments, plus easy access to the BTS Skytrain.

Silom is the southern area of the city and this is where I stayed during this itinerary. It was a great place to stay as it is near the BTS and MRT stations, a short tuk-tuk ride to the Chao Phraya River, and many luxury and affordable hotels.

No matter where you choose to stay, Bangkok caters to all types of travelers with its diverse range of neighborhoods each offering its unique flavor.

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Bangkok itinerary: 4 days

Day of Arrival

Watch the sunset

After a 6-hour long flight from Japan to Bangkok, we checked into our hotel in the afternoon, where we freshened ourselves before taking a tuk-tuk to the Sathorn pier of the Chao Phraya River. Our hotel was located just a few minutes from this jetty which made it very convenient to get around the city.

The ferry will take you up and down the river for just €1, and it will stop at a few different jetties along the way.

We decided to watch the sunset along the river and have a drink in one of the many bars opposite the river from Wat Arun. This is the best spot in Bangkok to get an unforgettable first glimpse of the city as well as a breathtaking sunset.

Before heading back to the hotel, we went to the most famous backpacking neighborhood in Bangkok, the Khao San Road to have a massage.

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Thailand - Bangkok - Phraya River37- BLOGPOST HQ

Day 1:

Let’s consider day one as the first full day in Bangkok

Take the ferry on the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River is one of Bangkok’s most prominent landmarks that flows through the heart of the city.

Taking a scenic boat ride along the river while admiring panoramic views of historical temples such as Wat Arun or Wat Phra Kaew is one of the best ways to start your city trip in Bangkok.

We left early in the morning to catch the ferry at the Sathorn Pier near our hotel. From there we could take the Orange Flag line to Wat Arun and Wat Pho. Although most people visit Wat Arun in the afternoon, we decided to go early in the morning to beat the crowds.

Back in 2015, I had already visited Wat Arun during the sunset, so it was a good idea to explore it during another moment of the day.

COST: The Orange Flag line ferry on the Chao Phraya River will cost about 16 THB / €0,4 per person for a one-way trip, no matter your destination.

Thailand - Bangkok - Phraya River26- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Phraya River78- BLOGPOST HQ

Wat Arun: The Temple of the Dawn

Visiting Wat Arun during sunrise is an awe-inspiring experience that you must not miss when exploring Bangkok. When the warm rays of the sun hit the Temple of Dawn, they bring out the intricate details of this beautiful building, which are made even more noticeable by the clear blue sky.

It was pleasant to stroll around and we were able to take pictures without the busy crowds because we were among the first visitors in the early morning.

The temple is, of course, beautiful and at its best during sunset, but if you want it all to yourself, you must come early in the morning.

ENTRANCE FEE WAT ARUN: The entrance fee to visit one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok is 100 THB / €2,7 per person.

HOW TO GET: Step of the Tha Tien Pier (N8). This pier was closed during my visit, so we had to get off at a temporary one but the staff from the ferry will shout the name or destination. and you can’t miss the beautiful temple in front of the pier. 

BOOK: Join a walking tour with an experienced guide to learn more about this amazing temple

Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Arun217- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Arun6- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Arun12- BLOGPOST HQ

Wat Pho: The temple of the reclining Buddha

This magnificent temple will leave you awestruck with its grandeur. Known for the massive reclining Buddha statue, this temple complex boasts intricate architecture, ornate rooftops, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

After Wat Arun, you can take another ferry near the exit, and cross the Chao Phraya River to get to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace for only 5 THB / 0.15 cents per person!

Once you have crossed the river it’s a short walk to the entrance of Wat Pho. However, don’t be fooled by scammers and people who try to sell things on the street.

So don’t believe people who say the temple is closed or the entrance is the other way and they will bring you there. This is the exact location of the entrance of Wat Pho.

TIP: Near the entrance is a little juice shop, called Saiwatana where you can drink a fresh smoothie juice before entering Wat Pho

ENTRANCE FEE FOR WAT PHO: 200 THB / €5,5 per person which is quite a lot but worth it as the complex is just stunning and you don’t see a massive Buddha statue every day.

BOOK: There are many tours available but this guided tour will show you all the highlights of Bangkok including transfers and entrance fees

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Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Pho175- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Pho- BLOGPOST HQ

Explore the Grand Palace

Located just a short walk from the Wat Pho Temple this stunning landmark is home to some of the most iconic buildings in Bangkok. From intricate golden spires and gilded temple halls to majestic throne rooms adorned with ornate carvings and murals depicting epic stories from Thai mythology, the Grand Palace is truly a feast for the eyes.

The complex is massive and you can easily wander around for a few hours but make sure you don’t miss a visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which boasts a magnificent statue of the revered Buddha carved from a single piece of jade.

The Grand Palace is a highlight and definitely worth visiting, just keep in mind that you have to dress appropriately, which means long pants, closed shoes, shoulders covered, and preferably long sleeve shirts.

OPENING HOURS: 8.00 – 15.30 Daily

ENTRANCE FEE: 500 THB / €13,5 per person to enter the Grand Palace and make sure you wear closed shoes and long pants. 

TIP: Keep your entrance ticket as you can also visit the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre for free.

BOOK: Explore the Grand Palace on your own with a self-guided walking tour

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Thailand - Bangkok - The Grand Palace179- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - The Grand Palace171- BLOGPOST HQ

Watch the sunset from the Golden Mount Temple: Wat Saket

Depending on how much time you spend in the Grand Palace, I would recommend leaving an hour and a half before sunset to the Golden Mount Temple, Wat Saket. Grab a tuk-tuk or metered taxi as this will be the fastest way to get there.

The temple sits atop a man-made hill and offers stunning views of the cityscape from its summit. To get to the top you’ll have to climb over 300 steps, passing multiple levels with intricate Buddha statues, bells, and prayer flags along the way.

Watching the monks perform the rituals is really fascinating, and when you finally reach the top, the breathtaking panoramic views of the city will leave you speechless.

ENTRANCE FEE: The entrance ticket cost 100 THB / €2,6 per person and it’s definitely worth it. The views are spectacular!

TIP: We spent about 2 hours here before heading back down, so make sure you bring a snack or some water with you. 

Thailand - Bangkok - Golden Mount Temple (Wat Saket)8- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Golden Mount Temple (Wat Saket)74- BLOGPOST HQ

Eat street food and enjoy the backpacker’s vibe of Khao San Road

Khao San Road is famous among backpackers for its lively atmosphere, cheap accommodations, street food stalls, bars, and nightclubs.

This street comes alive after sunset with music blasting from every corner. Tourists mingling with locals over buckets full of cocktails and vendors selling neon-colored clothes contribute to a wild party vibe that lasts until dawn.

We were exhausted after a long first day in Bangkok and wandering around the temples, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat before getting a wonderful foot massage.

Day 2:

Ching Nonsi skywalk

On the second day of our four-day trip to Bangkok, we mostly explored the neighborhoods surrounding Chinatown. Because it is one of the world’s largest Chinatowns, there is a lot to see and do, and you will be kept busy for quite some time.

We walked from the hotel to the Ching Nonsi skywalk, an intersection near the BTS station that is quite impressive due to the busy traffic.

Although you could easily skip this during your visit, we thought it was worth making a quick stop here and grabbing a coffee in the lovely Starbucks under the Ching Nonsi skywalk.

Discover the murals in Silom and Chinatown

From the Ching Nonsi skywalk, we grabbed a tuk-tuk to this location, which is close to the Oriental Pier. From there, head toward Chinatown via a long walk through the city’s winding alleys and streets in search of hidden gems like Charoen Krung 32 Street Art and Talat Noi Street Art.

You’ll reach Chinatown, which stretches all the way to the Phanuphan Bridge and the Ong Ang Canal.

There are also a lot of murals along the Ong Ang Canal, and because this area is really charming in the evening, we came here twice. The first time to see all of the murals and street art, and the second time to wander through all of the food stalls and take in all of the Chinese cultures.

These were my favorite murals between Silom and Chinatown.

  • Charoen Krung 32 Street Art
  • Mural Art by Alex Face
  • Vhils Artwork
  • Talat Noi Street Art
  • Talat Noi Paint House
  • Elephants by ROA
  • Alex Face Art

TIP: If you don’t have much time you can easily grab a tuk-tuk from one place to another. 

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Thailand - Bangkok - Talat Noi Street Art13- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Vhils Artwork3- BLOGPOST HQ

Admire an authentic show in the Sala Chalerm Krung theatre

When you go to the Grand Palace, make sure you keep your ticket because it includes also a free entrance ticket to the Sala Chalerm Krung Theatre.

This is a genuine performance of Thai dance, and it highlights the development of its various styles over the years. Expect nothing spectacular, but rather a pleasant hour-long performance that is ideal to combine if you are in the neighborhood of Chinatown.

TIP: There are multiple performances throughout the day, however, we chose to go around noon so that we could escape the heat of the day.

Thailand - Bangkok - Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre12- BLOGPOST HQ

Have a relaxing walk in the Chao Phraya Sky Park

We decided to go to Chao Phraya Sky Park after the performance. We discovered this location on social media and figured it would be a great place to visit.

It’s actually a bridge for cars that’s been converted in the middle to a pedestrian area, allowing you to walk from one side of the river to the other while taking in stunning views.

Thailand - Bangkok - Chao Phraya Sky Park1- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Chao Phraya Sky Park8- BLOGPOST HQ

Stroll along the Ong Ang Canal and discover the Lantern Alley

However, if you walk north across the bridge (Chinatown), you will eventually reach the Ong Ang Canal where you’ll find a large number of restaurants serving delicious Chinese street food, many of which are cozy and typical of Chinese culture.

It’s a great place to walk around at night because of the lively vibe and bustling atmosphere, although, I came back during the daytime as it’s also a pleasant place to walk around because of the many beautiful murals and street art along the canals.

TIP: In the middle of all the food stalls is a small alley with Chinese lanterns which is a beautiful place to makes some awesome photos!

Thailand - Bangkok - Ong Ang Canal24- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Chinese Lantern Alley15- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Ong Ang Canal12- BLOGPOST HQ

Get lost in the largest Chinatown in the world

Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the largest in the world where you can spend hours exploring the narrow alleys and tasting various foods from the street markets.

During the day, it is often “quieter,” but in the evening, it comes alive. You are truly immersed in another world, hearing cars honking in the crowded traffic and encountering different tastes, smells, languages, and people.

During this trip to Bangkok, I went to Chinatown during Chinese New Year, which added to the uniqueness of the experience, but it was also much busier.

NOTE: It was extremely crowded during the Chinese New Year and after a few hours of wandering the streets and alleys of Chinatown, we decided to get a massage near Kao San Road.

BOOK: Explore Chinatown with a guided tour and learn more about this fascinating neighborhood.

Thailand - Bangkok - Chinatown16- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Chinatown8- BLOGPOST HQ

Day 3:

A day tour from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

After being in Bangkok several times it was finally time to visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya, which is located about 80 kilometres north of Bangkok. This city was once the capital of the Kingdom of Siam, and today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts many visitors from all over the world.

With its beautiful historical temples, museums, and palaces, a day trip to Ayutthaya is a must for anyone interested in Thai culture and its history.

We took the train as it was ridiculously cheap, only THB 20 per person and it took just under 2 hours to get there. On arrival, it was easy to rent a scooter near the train station (there is also an option to get a guide/driver) and explore the temples on our own.

Worth to visit Ayutthaya when you are in Bangkok and you have some time during your itinerary.

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Thailand - Ayutthaya - Wat Phra Si Sanphet13- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Ayutthaya - Wat Mahathat81- BLOGPOST HQ

Have fun at the Cabaret show of Calypso

Bangkok is a city of wonders, with breathtaking sights, mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. But if you are looking for a unique experience, attending the Calypso Cabaret Show should be on top of your must-do list.

The show is a spectacular display of glittering costumes, mesmerizing choreography, and stunning music that will leave you with a lasting impression.

My partner and I used GetYourGuide to purchase tickets last minute, and although we didn’t know what to expect, we had a wonderful evening. The performance last a little more than an hour, and in addition to the artists, the decor and the seating will blow your mind.

We had a wonderful time at the Calypso Cabaret Show and enjoyed the memories while we enjoyed a lovely walk along the riverfront of Asiatique.

BOOK: You can buy tickets for Calypso through their website or on GetYourGuide as we did. It was easy and we received the tickets immediately on our phone.

Thailand - Bangkok - Calypso25- BLOGPOST HQ

Wander at the Asiatique Riverfront

Asiatique Riverfront in Bangkok is a lively and vibrant outdoor night market that sits along the Chao Phraya River. It offers an eclectic mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The market is divided into four distinct sections, each with its unique offerings where you can shop for souvenirs, clothing, and local handicrafts at the bazaar-style stalls or dine on Thai street food from the numerous vendors lining the streets.

With a ride in the amazing Ferris wheel, you can also enjoy spectacular views of the city at night! It is worth exploring this part of Bangkok and combining it with a Cabaret Show.

TIP: There is an amazing restaurant near the waterfront where you can dine in a glasshouse for those who want to have a unique dining experience.

Thailand - Bangkok - Asiatique5- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Asiatique30- BLOGPOST HQ

Get a Thai massage

After 3 days of walking around and exploring this big city, we were really ready for a massage. Lucky for us, there was a great Thai massage salon not far from Asiatique, so we could unwind with one before turning in for the night.

Thai massages are some of the best you can get, and they won’t break the bank. It costs about 8€ per person for an hour, but prices are usually negotiable.

TIP: Tara Massage is the place near the Asiatique where we had an amazing Thai massage!

Battambang - Cambodia1
Battambang - Cambodia

Day 4:

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

The Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market in Bangkok is a charming and authentic market experience that offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in Thai culture. Located on the outskirts of the city, it’s a hidden gem that’s well worth the extra effort to visit.

Wooden boats full of fresh produce, souvenirs, and street food line the narrow waterways as locals go about their daily business. You can experience delicious Thai food such as Pad Thai or spicy papaya salad while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of this lively market.

While smaller than some of Bangkok’s other famous floating markets, it offers a more personal experience where you can interact with local vendors and get an insight into their way of life. A visit to Khlong Lat Mayom is a must for anyone looking for an authentic Thai market experience beyond the usual tourist haunts.

Many agencies are offering a guided tour around these markets but it’s pretty easy to get there yourself.

HOW TO GET THERE: Since our hotel was near the Silom station we took the MRT Blue line to the Phasi Charoen Station for 50 THB / €1,3 per person. From there we grabbed a metered taxi for only 70 THB / €1,7 and the same to go back.

OPENING HOURS: The Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is only open during the weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 to 17.00

BOOK: Visit several local markets including the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market and the Chatuchak Weekend Market with a guide

Thailand - Bangkok - Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market28- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market9- BLOGPOST HQ

Be amazed at the ICONSIAM Shopping Mall

If you’re looking for a shopping experience like no other, be sure to check out ICONSIAM Shopping Mall. This impressive mall boasts over 500 stores with something for everyone, including designer labels, luxury brands, and one-of-a-kind finds.

But it’s not just about the shopping; the mall’s stunning architecture and breathtaking views of the Chao Phraya River are also major draws. From its grand entrance with an indoor waterfall to its rooftop garden and floating market on the lower ground floor ICONSIAM is truly an Instagram-worthy destination in Bangkok.

Whether you come to shop, take in the views, or dine at some of the best eateries in town, ICONSIAM is sure to leave you amazed.

TIP: Visit the Starbucks on the 7th floor where you have a stunning rooftop view over the city and one of the most beautiful Starbucks shops in the world.

TIP: The indoor waterfall falls from the roof at different times, however, it wasn’t working during my visit. 

Thailand - Bangkok - ICONSIAM62- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - ICONSIAM15- BLOGPOST HQ

Shopping at Siam Paragon, Central World and MBK

If you’re looking for a shopping destination that offers everything from high-end luxury brands to trendy streetwear, Bangkok’s Siam Paragon, Central World, and MBK should be at the top of your list. Siam Paragon is a true marvel, with opulent marble floors and a seemingly endless selection of designer labels.

If you want to shop until you drop, this is the place to do it. In contrast, Central World has a more laid-back vibe, with an outdoor area featuring food trucks and live music on the weekends.

It was the perfect place to hide from the heat during the day but it’s also worth coming at night when the malls and streets are illuminated.

Thailand - Bangkok - Siam and Shoppin Malls56- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Siam and Shoppin Malls88- BLOGPOST HQ

Watch the sunset and enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar

With stunning views of the city’s skyline, Yao Rooftop and Moon Bar are truly unique experiences in Bangkok.

Yao Rooftop is located on the 32nd floor of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel and features a beautiful design where you can order amazing cocktails, and amazing snacks and enjoy a 360 panoramic view.

The Red Lantern and the Purple Breeze cocktails are just wonderful and the dim sum appetizers are delicious!

On the other hand, Moon Bar is located on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Bangkok and offers an open-air setting with panoramic views of the city. I came here in 2018 and it was unbelievable. However, the bar has become pretty popular and reservations are really necessary

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or just a night out with friends, these rooftop bars provide an unforgettable experience that shouldn’t be missed while visiting Bangkok.

TIP: Make a reservation on your first day in Bangkok as they are often fully booked for several days. Yao Rooftop is easy to book on their website.

Thailand - Bangkok - Yào Rooftop Bar9- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Yào Rooftop Bar34- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Yào Rooftop Bar27- BLOGPOST HQ

Stroll over the Ratchada Train Night Market

This bustling marketplace is home to countless stalls offering everything from traditional Thai street food to trendy clothing items and electronics. The atmosphere is lively and vibrant, with locals and tourists alike mingling together and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of this unique cultural experience.

You can find delicious snacks like grilled skewers of meat or seafood, sweet crepes piled high with toppings, or cool refreshing drinks like coconut water served fresh from the shell.

One of the reasons we came here was to make a stunning photo of the top of the market from the parking lot. From this angle, you have an amazing view and you can admire the colorful stalls from above.

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 17.00 – 23.00

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the Blue MRT line to Thailand Cultural Centre and walk behind the Esplanade Cineplex Mall.

Explore the nightlife at Soi Cowboy 

An extraordinary experience in this city is without a doubt a visit to Soi Cowboy. This is undoubtedly one of the liveliest and most entertaining hotspots in Bangkok and it’s a must-visit destination for partygoers and anyone looking to experience the vibrant nightlife scene.

Once you arrive at this neighborhood, you’ll feel the intense electric energy buzzing through the air. You can’t help but be mesmerized by the bright neon lights, music blasting out from every corner and endless crowds milling around, all immersed in their own individual fun.

From karaoke bars and nightclubs to adult entertainment centers, there’s something for everyone at Soi Cowboy.

Well, I just enjoyed my street food Pad Thai while watching the countless Western people having the times of their lives 🙂

Thailand - Bangkok - Soi Cowboy10- BLOGPOST HQ
Thailand - Bangkok - Soi Cowboy2- BLOGPOST HQ

Overall, my experience of spending 4 days in Bangkok was a whirlwind adventure that truly allowed me to immerse myself in the vibrant Thai culture.

From exploring ancient temples in Ayutthaya to indulging in delicious local cuisine and shopping at bustling markets, every moment was filled with excitement and wonder.

I enjoyed visiting the Grand Palace, with its intricate gold-leafed structures and glittering Wat Phra Kaew temple. The Khao San Road also provided endless entertainment with its lively bars, street performers, and eclectic crowd of travelers from all over the world.

Although the city can be overwhelming at times with its constant noise and traffic, I found it to be a truly dynamic destination that left me longing for more.

Thailand - Bangkok - Chao Phraya Sky Park2- BLOGPOST HQ

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