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Is Cambodia expensive? How much does a trip to Cambodia cost and how much budget do you need for 2 weeks in Cambodia backpacking? These are the most asked questions that I got when I traveled through this amazing country.

Well, I can already tell you that it was one of the cheapest countries I visited during my world trip, and now that I think about it, two weeks was far too short because there is so much to see and do.

In this article, I’ll go over the costs you can expect if you want to go backpacking in Cambodia, as well as the total budget I spent on my trip.

Even if you do not travel with a backpack, you can still use the information in this article as a basis for your budget.

Cambodia - Siem Reap - Angkor Wat4

What is not included

I always base the budget for a trip on local costs such as lodging, local transportation, food, and activities because these are what make your trip truly unique.

Although I have not taken into account the costs of international flights, luggage, or insurance, it is still helpful to have an idea of what to expect.

For a return flight from Belgium or the Netherlands to Cambodia, you can expect to pay between € 700 and € 900. Since I was traveling around the world, I flew with AirAsia from Phuket to Siem Reap and paid €62 for a one-way ticket that included checked baggage.

Travel insurance is also very important and depending on the length of destinations you go to, there are many options. World Nomads is one of the best ones for backpacking around the world for a longer period of time. I ended up with annual insurance for about €1200 (before Covid)

  • International flights: Phuket to Siem Reap with AirAsia – €62
  • Travel insurance – World Nomads€1200
  • Purchase of backpack: I used a Deuter Aircontact 70L for one year of backpacking in Africa and Asia which cost about €250, and the Wandrd camera bag costs about €227 (read at the end of this article what’s in my camera bag)

Hotels in Cambodia

Traveling in Cambodia can be as expensive as you want, and it all starts with where you stay. My budget for accommodation was €343 for 2 weeks in Cambodia in private rooms. That’s an average of €24,5 per day.

Backpackers often search for a bed in a dorm, which will cost a couple of Euros. However, A boutique hotel with a small number of rooms and a family atmosphere or a cheap simple hotel can be found for about €20-40 per night. This is the type of hotel that I prefer to stay in, by the way.

On the other hand, if you want more luxury and comfort, there are luxury resorts and hotels available with rates starting from €60 per night.

  • 10 nights in a boutique hotel – average €25 per night
  • 1 night in a guesthouse – average €30 / night
  • 3 nights in an Eco Bungalow – average €21 / night

Transport in Cambodia

Transport between villages and towns is simple to arrange and inexpensive. In 2 weeks in Cambodia, €154 was spent on transport (for 2 people), which is an average of €11 per day.

At the time, I didn’t feel comfortable driving a scooter in Cambodia’s busy traffic, so I often took tuk-tuks to get around but there are also minivans, shuttle buses, taxis, and private drivers that will take you anywhere in the country.

I booked the ferry to Koh Rong and the international bus to Thailand as a package at a local office, but I used 12GoAsia mostly to book minivans or shuttles between cities like Siem Reap to Battambang for example.

Here is an overview of the costs of some routes.

  • 2 Minivans
  • 2 Coach buses
    • From Battambang to Phnom Penh – US$9 per person
  • Tuktuk
    • A private tuk tuk driver to explore Angkor Wat – US$25 per day
  • Ferry and bus package – US$25 per person
Cambodia - Transport2
Cambodia - Transport

Groceries and food in Cambodia

Cambodian cuisine is delicious, with Thai and Vietnamese influences. The dishes are a little simpler, but it’s definitely worth trying some local favorites like Amok and Loc Lac.

If you don’t like Asian food, there are plenty of Western restaurants in cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. I frequently went to a Western cafe in the afternoon to work on my laptop and mostly ate Cambodian street food in the evenings.

The total budget for food and groceries for my partner and I comes to €381 for 2 weeks in Cambodia. That comes to an average of €27,1 per day.

This can definitely be less expensive, but it’s up to you to decide how much you want to spend on food.

  • Eating out –€342
  • Groceries – €39 (snacks on the bus, fruits, …)

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Cambodia - Siem Reap 1

Excursions and activities in Laos

Cambodia is all about adventure, from exploring the Angkor Wat Temples to snorkeling and diving around the idyllic islands and immersing yourself in the shocking culture.

Throughout my journey, I explored most of the highlights as well as I loved being surrounded by nature in Kampot and the beach vibes on Koh Rong Island. In total, we spent €168 on activities, which is an average of €4,8 per day.

Because a day at the beach doesn’t break the bank, right? (as long as you don’t spend too much money on beers).

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Adventure Adam tour - Koh Rong
Cambodia - Phnom Penh1
Cambodia - Siem Reap - Angkor Wat1

Other expenses

A visa is required to enter Cambodia; most countries can obtain one upon arrival. A 30-day visa costs US$30 per person.
Yet, there are frequently additional (unexpected) expenses during your trip, such as medicines or souvenirs and I spent a total of €59 on these miscellaneous costs during this trip.

Here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • Visa – A 30-day visa on arrival costs US$30 per person

Check here the visa costs for your own country

  • SIM cards & data package from “SMART” for 30 days – Purchased on arrival at the airport for US$10 and topped up along the way for US$6
  • Souvenirs & tips – US$8
  • Laundry –  US$5
Cambodia - Kampot1

How much does a trip to Cambodia cost?

So, a trip to this beautiful country is definitely not expensive, and it was even one of the cheapest countries I visited on my trip around the world. The cheapest was definitely Laos!

The total budget for this itinerary of Cambodia comes to €1105 without flights, insurance, and luggage, which breaks down to €79 per day or €39.5 per person for each day.

However, I have to admit that looking back at my expenses, most of the budget went to accommodation and food, so it can definitely be cheaper if you eat more at local restaurants and sleep in hostels, which I didn’t do at all.

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Cambodia - Battambang7

To learn more about a fascinating ancient civilization, experience genuine Cambodian hospitality, and explore the beautiful beaches of the Koh Rong Islands, Cambodia is the perfect travel destination to discover on a budget.

It is highly recommended and suited for all budgets, whether you are backpacking or planning an annual holiday to this awesome country in Asia.


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budget for 2 weeks in Cambodia3
budget for 2 weeks in Cambodia2

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