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Queensland is located on the East Coast of Australia and it is the second-largest state in the country. The state’s beauty lies in its tropical rainforest, enormous outback, stunning waterfalls, white sandy beaches, and of course the Great Barrier Reef.

My road trip around Australia took me from the Northern Territory through the outback of Queensland towards Townsville, where this road trip from Cairns to Brisbane eventually started and 6 weeks later ended in the South of Queensland.

However, If you have only 2-3 weeks (I recommend not less than 2 weeks) or you are planning to make a road trip in the opposite direction from Brisbane to Cairns, you can use this itinerary and adapt it to your travel plan.

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How to get to Queensland?

Either Cairns or Brisbane are international airports and are easy to access from many major cities around the world. However, depending on where you come from the flight tickets will cost between AU$ 1500 – AU$ 4000 (€1000 – 2500). 

If you are already traveling or working in Australia, you might find great flight deals with Jetstar from AU$ 90 or travel by car from the Northern Territory along the Flinders Hwy to Townsville just like I did.

Do you come from New South Wales, then you can easily reach Brisbane along the Pacific Hwy.

How to travel around Queensland?

The best way to travel around the East Coast of Australia in Queensland is by car and if you don’t have one, I highly recommend you to rent a campervan in Cairns if you stay for a few weeks as this will save you lots of money on places to visit and food as you can quickly cook yourself along the way.

Besides renting a campervan is the cheapest option, you also have much more freedom to explore the hidden gems and most beautiful locations in Queensland.

Renting a campervan is possible from AU$ 50 per day and there are even options to relocate a campervan for free. Jucy Rentals, Travellers Autobahn and Maui are the most popular companies for renting a camper in Australia and New Zealand.

However, DiscoverCars is a company I used a lot on other trips and prices are fair with decent services

When you plan to visit Australia for the long term, I advise buying a car, campervan, or 4WD like I did as this is the most convenient way to explore Australia.

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Best time to visit Queensland

The Tropical North of Queensland has more rainfall in summers than in the southern region and the temperatures are slightly different. The temperature in summers ranges from 24 to 36 ˚C while in winters it is about 17-26 ˚C.

The best time to start in Cairns is around September/October or May/June and travel down to the South

Keep a hoodie or light jacket along with you and also insect repellent as there are many mosquitos and sandflies.  Make sure you check the weather update before traveling.

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Map of Queensland Australia – Cairns to Brisbane

This East Coast road trip is one of the most epic and most popular road trips in Australia as there are so many incredible places to visit along the way. Sailing in the Whitsundays, Diving at Great Barrier Reef, and driving with a 4WD on Fraser Island are just a few of the many adventures you can do in Queensland.

As this itinerary of the East Coast of Australia contains a lot of places that you need to visit along the way between two stops, I made this map of Queensland, so you can visualize better where all the highlights are and it can also help you to plan your trip

TIP: Make a list of the places and locations you want to visit between 2 major cities and go from there to plan how many days you’ll need to go from A to B

map of Queensland Australia - From Cairns to Brisbane - Queensland Road Trip Itinerary

My Queensland road trip itinerary overview

WHEN DID I GO: October
BEST TIME TO VISIT: September/October – May/June

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Cairns to Brisbane – Queensland Road Trip Itinerary


Hostel: Cairns Central YHA A$ 30 per night
Accommodation: Coral Tree Inn A$ 130 per night

My road trip in Queensland started in Townsville as I drove from the Northern Territory along the Flinders Hwy to Queensland but to keep it simple as many travellers arrive in Cairns, I’ll start my trip from here.

The city is the gateway to many amazing and unique places in Australia and the most popular one is The Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelling, diving, or taking a scenic flight at the Great Barrier Reef is a bucket list and I am happy I did all these activities.

BOOK: Explore the beautiful life at the Great Barrier Reef with a snorkel/diving trip

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Ellis Beach - Sunrise1- BLOGPOST HQ
Daintree NP - Marrdja Boardwalk12- BLOGPOST HQ

Cape Tribulation & The Daintree Forest

Travel distance: 140 km – 2h 45min (including Ferry transfer)

Camping: PK’s Jungle Village A$ 30 per night
Accommodation: Ferntree Rainforest Lodge A$ 150 per night

Visit Northern Queensland first on this trip, where you can take the ferry to the Daintree National Park and drive through the massive trees and ferns to reach Cape Tribulation, which is the next camping stop.

The Daintree Forest is very famous as it’s David Attenborough’s favourite place in the world due to its huge diversity in flora and fauna.

There are so many reasons to visit this unique place as it is the oldest rainforest in the world, the largest rainforest in Australia, and also the place where 2 UNESCO Heritage sites meet each other.

My friend Tyler, who lives in Townsville, joined me for 3 days at Daintree National Park and we stopped at some amazing places such as Port Douglas for coffee, Mosman Gorge for a swim, and camped at Cape Tribulation.

Along the way in the National Park, you can stop at  Mount Alexandra Lookout for amazing views, the Daintree Ice Cream Company for delicious ice cream, or jump on a crocodile cruise at the Daintree River.

TIP: Drive up to Daintree NP along the Captain Cook Hwy and stop at Ellis Beach and Thala National Reserve for epic photos.

BOOK: Discover the beauty of the oldest rainforest in the world during a guided tour

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Daintree NP - Solar Whisper Wildlife and Crocodile Cruises on the Daintree river64- BLOGPOST HQ
Daintree NP - Mosman Gorge shoot97- BLOGPOST HQ
Daintree NP - Mosman Gorge Jungle and walking trail84- BLOGPOST HQ
Daintree NP - Marrdja Boardwalk3- BLOGPOST HQ

Atherton Tablelands

Travel distance: 220 km – 3h 30min.

Campground: Tolga Caravan Park A$30 per night for camping

The Atherton Tablelands is a region in North Queensland that you can’t miss on your East Coast road trip as there are so many beautiful waterfalls and stunning views along this way as you will find the highest road in Queensland in the Atherton Tablelands. Although it’s a bit of a detour, I bet you won’t regret it.

Along the Waterfall Circuit, you can find the most beautiful waterfalls such as the Millaa Millaa Falls, Ellinjaa Falls, and the Zillie Falls. Besides these places, there are at least a dozen waterfalls more to discover and one of my favourites is the Nandroya Falls.

Make sure you bring insect repellent and some walking shoes as the Nandroya Falls trail is a 6km walk.

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BOOK: Join a guided tour of the most amazing waterfalls and breathtaking views of the Tablelands

Waterfall Loop - Scenery2- BLOGPOST HQ
Milaa Milaa Falls - Atherton Tablelands157- BLOGPOST HQ
Waterfall Loop - Zillie Falls14- BLOGPOST HQ

Mission Beach

Travel distance: 105 km – 1h40

Hostel: Bali Hai Holiday Park Mission Beach A$28 per unpowered site
Hotel: Castaways Resort & Spa On Mission Beach A$170 per night

If you wanna do something full of adrenaline then head over to Mission Beach for sky diving or just relax at the beach and watch the skydivers landing on the beach.

During your journey from Cairns to Mission Beach, stop at the Babinda Boulders for a swim, have some fun sliding down at the Josephine Falls or head over to Etty Bay where you can spot cassowaries which is the third largest bird on the earth.

And if you plan to camp at the beach, Mission Beach Camping & Caravan Park is a good option if you can get a spot otherwise I recommend staying at Bali Hai Holiday Park.

BOOK: Take in stunning views during a skydive above Mission Beach

Mission Beach - Hanging Palmtree4- BLOGPOST HQ
Cardwell Spa Pools and falls49- BLOGPOST HQ


Travel distance: 240 km – 2h50

Caravan Park: Discovery Parks – Townsville A$40 per site
Hotel: Oaks Townsville Metropole Hotel A$150 per night

Although, there are not enough days to explore the beauty of Northern Queensland as many other beautiful destinations are waiting on the way to the South.

The first place you have to stop is the Cardwell Spa Pool where you can relax and have a swim in the rockpool before heading to another must-see waterfall in Australia, The Wallaman Falls. 

With 268m this is the highest single-drop waterfall in Australia that is easily reached with a scenic drive of about an hour from Ingham. I went in the afternoon and stayed until sunset so I had enough time to hike down, explore the base of the Wallaman Falls (you can even swim), and hike back up.

The hike is about 3km return with a 270m elevation but rewarding once you see the falls from the bottom. However, if you are not fancy hiking down, there are view platforms at the top next to the car park where you can enjoy the waterfall in its full glory.

Towards Townsville is another beautiful waterfall, The Jourama Falls, that you can visit if you have more time on your trip from Cairns to Brisbane as Townsville offers also some great spots to visit.

Go to Castle Hill in Townsville for the best sunset views over Townsville, walk along the Strand promenade, and head over to Kissing Point for amazing views of Magnetic Island.

Wallaman Falls28- BLOGPOST HQ
Wallaman Falls115- BLOGPOST HQ
Townsville - Kissing Point Fortification9- BLOGPOST HQ

Magnetic Island

Hostel: Base Magnetic Island A$120 per night/private room
Accommodation: SEA-esta A$ 85 per night

A 20-minute ferry ride will take you from Townsville to Magnetic Island where you can explore the natural beauty of this place. Expect to see koalas, lorikeets, stunning beaches, and breathtaking views on this small island.

Most people rent a car or a bike to explore the island but you can also take a day pass for the bus (which is the cheapest option) that runs across Magnetic Island.

For the best sunset spots go to Hawkings Point Lookout and Horseshoe Bay, while the best beaches to relax on Magnetic Island are Radical Bay and Florence Bay

BOOK: Book a ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island in advance

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Radical Bay - Magnetic Island19- BLOGPOST HQ
Koala at Magnetic Island8- BLOGPOST HQ
Magnetic Island - Arthur Bay1- BLOGPOST HQ

Airlie Beach

Travel distance: 275 km – 3h10

Camping: NRMA Airlie Beach Holiday Park A$40 unpowered site
Hotel: Airlie Beach Hotel A$190 per night

Maybe my favourite stop on this East Coast of Australia road trip is Airlie Beach as it is very famous to access the Whitsundays and the scenic flights you can do over the Great Barrier Reef and Heart Reef.

was by far one of the most unique views of my life! The feeling you’ll get when you fly over this beautiful place is really hard to put into words. I joined a 70-minute flight with GSL and they are definitely the best and most professional company.

However, Airlie Beach is a small vibrant town as many tourists and backpackers come here every year to visit also the Whitsundays or just relax at the free beautiful public lagoon in the centre of the town.

Besides the scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef, I also boarded a 3-day sailing cruise to the Whitsundays from Airlie Beach and it was one of the best adventures I did during my road trip in Australia. However, make sure you book in advance as the cruises book out fast.

BOOK: Definitely don’t miss out on a scenic flight over Heart Reef and Great Barrier Reef!

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Bowen - Horseshoe Bay Rd Coco6- BLOGPOST HQ
Bowen - Big Mango 3- BLOGPOST HQ

Cruising Whitsundays

Whitsundays tour: True Blue Sailing Whitsundays A$400 / 3-day tour

Sailing in the Whitsundays can’t be missed on this itinerary as Whitehaven Beach is the highlight and a bucket list place for many tourists. The beach has the purest white sand in the world and it is multiple times chosen as the best beach in the world.

During an overnight Whitsundays tour, you will explore Whitehaven Beach, see the famous Hill Inlet, and enjoy amazing sunsets. There is even the option to dive at Blue Pearl Bay.

I joined 3 days sailing in the Whitsundays with True Blue Sailing and their New Horizon sailing boat together with a group of 20 people and it was an amazing experience. as we shared stories, played games, and drank some beers while watching the sun going down at the horizon, unforgettable!

BOOK: If you want to join a Whitsunday Sailing Cruise, I highly recommend booking in advance

Sailing Whitsundays - True Blue Sailing281- BLOGPOST HQ
Sailing Whitsundays - True Blue Sailing179- BLOGPOST HQ
Whitehaven beach1- BLOGPOST HQ


Travel distance: 500km – 5h20

Camping: NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park A$34 per campsite
Accommodation: Oshen Holiday Apartments Yeppoon A$190 per night

This is the longest part of the trip so on the way from Airlie Beach to Yeppoon you can stop at Mackay as it is a good place for lunch and relaxation at the free public lagoon (Blue Lagoon). The Blue Lagoon in Mackay has a few pools and small water slides for kids to enjoy.

Once you arrive in Yeppoon, you will feel the relaxed atmosphere. It is a coastal town with beautiful beaches, a beautiful public lagoon ( I would say the second most beautiful one after Airlie Beach), and many amazing restaurants.

It is a great place to relax at the Yeppoon Lagoon or hike to Turtle Lookout in the Capricorn Coast National Park but it’s also the getaway to visit the stunning Keppel Islands.

The Keppel Islands are a must-visit when you are in Yeppoon as the beaches are stunning and there are many excellent snorkel spots. You will imagine yourself in the Maldives.

TIP: Visit the Keppel Islands in a small group with Keppel Explorers as the owner is so passionate about his company that you instantly fall in love with the Islands. I had a fun time aboard his speedboat.

BOOK: Find here more details about the tour I joined with Keppel Explorers 

Keppel Island Explorer136- BLOGPOST HQ
Keppel Island Explorer110- BLOGPOST HQ
Keppel Island Explorer63- BLOGPOST HQ


Travel distance: 330km – 3h 40m

Hotel: Takalvan Motel A$150 per night

Just before you get to Bundaberg, make a stop in Agnes Water and the town of Seventy-Seven (1770) as this is the second place where Captain Cook made land in Australia.

Mon Repos Beach is the most visited place in this region and people usually visit this place as it is famous for the turtles that come to the beach for nestling and hatch their eggs.

Rangers take the tourists to the place where turtles lay eggs and then the baby turtle makes their way to the sea. You can see only one phase of the turtle’s life cycle during the visit, yet it is an amazing experience.

Bundaberg Rum Distillery is also an important place in the region as the rum is famous over the world and is the number one rum in Australia. The distillery supports regions that are hit by floods and sell bottles with the names of the impacted regions to raise money.

Other places you have to visit are the beaches of Elliot Heads and the Gin Distillery of Kalki Moon.

INFO: Check out the tours and tastings in the Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Bundaberg - Kalki Moon Gin Distillery15- BLOGPOST HQ
Bundaberg - Kalki Moon Gin Distillery10- BLOGPOST HQ
Elliot Heads Beach - Bundaberg10- BLOGPOST HQ

Fraser Island

Travel distance: 205 km – 2h 30m to Rainbow Beach – Ferry to Fraser Island takes 15min.

Hotel: Fraser Island Retreat A$210 per night
Camping: Fraser Island Camping A$6,5 per night

The next stop is also one that should be on everyone’s road trip in Queensland, Fraser Island! The island is worth visiting as it’s known as the largest sand island in the world and the only place where a rainforest grows on sand.

Drive to Rainbow Beach and start your adventure from there instead of Hervey Bay as the ferry crossing is much easier and you will enter Fraser Island on the right side. (from Hervey Bay, You have to drive half the Island to get to Eurong)

I did a 3-day adventure with my 4WD on Fraser Island and wrote an article with everything you need to know and the best places to see on the island such as Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, and the shipwreck of SS Maheno.

TIP: Fraser Island is only accessible with a 4WD and in Rainbow Beach are many rental agencies if you don’t have a 4×4.

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BOOK: if you don’t have a 4WD, you can join an adventurous guided group tour to Fraser Island

4WD on Fraser Island - Driving through Eli Creek
Lake Mckenzie - 4wd on Fraser Island


Travel distance: 120 km – 1h 30m

Accommodation: Noosa Heads Motel A$180 per night
Caravan Park: Ingenia Holidays Noosa North A$35 per campsite

When you come back from Fraser Island and you want to drive from Rainbow Beach to Noosa, you have 2 options. The easiest is along the Tin Can Bay Rd, but you can also drive along the beach through Great Cape Sandy National Park, which I recommend if you have a 4WD.

Noosa is another great place in Queensland which is famous for surfing, Noosa National Park and its the getaway to Great Sandy National Park if you want to visit Fraser Island from here.

Noosa National Park contains many hiking trails, rock pools, amazing surf beaches, and stunning viewpoints, so make sure you go here before sunset. Dolphin Point Lookout is the best spot to spot dolphins and turtles while Tea Tree Bay Beach is great for surfing.

However, kayaking and paddling are the best at Sandy Cove near the Noosa Woods and for those who like markets, the Eumundi Markets are just 20 minutes away.

I had a great time in Noosa, although it was not easy to find a camping spot near the centre, so I stayed at Ingenia Holidays Noosa.

TIP: If you make a road trip in the opposite direction, you can take the Tewantin Ferry from Noosa to Great Sandy NP to reach Rainbow Beach but stop at the QPWS centre first to buy a permit. 

Noosa National Park188- BLOGPOST HQ
Noosa Town2- BLOGPOST HQ
Noosa National Park9- BLOGPOST HQ


Travel distance: 140 km – 1h 55m

Hotel: ibis Styles Brisbane Elizabeth Street A$190 per night 
Hostel: Brisbane City YHA A$40 dorm bed

On the way to Brisbane, you can stop for incredible views at the Glasshouse Mountains or hit the beach at the Sunshine Coast.

Once you arrive in the city, there are many awesome places to visit such as the West-End neighborhood for great food and the Streets Beach when it is a sunny day. For the best sunset views, I recommend going to the Mount Coot-tha Lookout.

Make sure you wander around the city at night as the illuminated buildings and skyline are worth seeing from the Brisbane Wheel.

BOOK: During this guided city tour you will explore some of the best highlights in Brisbane

Brisbane - Mount Coot-Tha Summit Lookout21- BLOGPOST HQ

As said before this is one of the most popular road trips in Australia and hope you are inspired to explore Queensland after reading this article. To see all the places in this Queensland itinerary it is recommended to have at least 3 to 4 weeks. However, In 2 weeks you can discover most of the highlights of the East Coast.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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Keppel Island Explorer105- BLOGPOST HQ

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